Litho Plate Flyers:
The image was exposed onto lithographic plates. These plates were then guillotined down to 1/3 A4 flyer size.

The exposed image comes out silver on the plate. The image will start to fade in around 3 months time...
Graphic Design, Print Design, Branding
  • Litho Plate Flyers for a multimedia exhibition curated by arts collective "Interval" in Manchester. The exhibition dealt with the theme of temporary light and all the works in the exhibition were self-lit. Rather than go down the usual route of printing something we thought it would be more appropriate to expose some litho plates and cut them up so we exposed the design image and then these plates were guillotined down to 1/3 A4 flyer size.

    Not only was it something that felt completely different from the norm, it went hand in hand with the concept of the exhibition. The exposed image came out silver on the plate, but then started to fade back to nothing after around 3 months time which reinforced the idea of temporary light. Expensive, but it got the message across.